Construction Progress & Gallery

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Sneak Peek: Current Photos of the Colonial Theatre’s new ‘Wing’

Architectural Plans from Carnevale Eustis Architects

Renderings of future theatres, spaces within Bank Building

Carpeting, Seats & Finishes

Construction Progress c. February 2016

December 2016 Progress Photos

November 2016 Construction Advancements

Objects discovered inside the Bank Building during construction

Bank of Phoenixville building: ‘Before’

Photo credit: Patrick Schuck

Groundbreaking Celebration & Public Campaign Launch: April 5, 2016

Photo credits: Charles Bartholomew

Special thanks to John Etherington for capturing video of the public groundbreaking.

17th Annual Blobfest ‘Blob on the Arts’ Campaign Promo

Special thanks to writer and director Paul Hartmann for conceiving of and realizing this Campaign promo.