Campaign Leadership

Honorary Campaign Co-chairs:

Kevin Bacon

Michael Bacon

Bank on the Arts Community Campaign Chair:

Richard A. Kunsch, Sr.

Suzanne V. Norris

Banking on the Arts Community Captains:

Jim Bergey & Donna Brennan: Birchrunville

Jean Flood: Kimberton

Amy Jo Garbus & Barbara Garbus: At large

Janice Hartmann: Colonial Theatre Volunteers

Alan Hughes: Lifelong Phoenixville residents

Cindy Krommes: Phoenixville InterFaith community

Markels Roberts & John MacPhee: Birchrunville

Peter Urscheler: Phoenixville Community Groups

Beth Lennon: At large

Carla and John Schaeffer: At large

Julie West: At large

Building Expansion Campaign Co-chairs & Team:

Kenneth B. Mumma, Co-chair

Marian D. Moskowitz, Co-chair

MaryLouise Sterge, Co-chair

William M. Andersen

Susan Berry-Gorelli

Sean Maher

Scott A. Williams

Peter Zimmerman

Board of Directors

Marian D. Moskowitz, President

William M. Andersen, Vice President

Stephen H. Kalis, Secretary

Sean Maher, Treasurer

Suzanne V. Norris, At-large

Susan Berry-Gorelli

Rebecca H. Bradbeer

Matthew Carberry

Jocelyn S. Harris

Janice Janka Hartmann

Richard A. Kunsch, Sr.

Pauline Monson

Kenneth Mumma

MaryLouise Sterge


Mary Foote, Executive Director

Kirsten Van Vlandren, Programming Director

Emily Simmons, Development Director

LuAnn Roth, Patron Services Director

Brendan Carr, Marketing Director

Scott Bauman, General Manager

Ryan Wilson, House Manager

Mark Weber, Technology and Facilities Director

Andrew Owen, Assistant House Manager